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The importance of squatting .. Tips to follow when practicing squats

  The squat is a set of vigorous exercises in which the trainee lowers the hips from a standing position, then stands up. As you squat, the hip and knee joints bend, while the back joints straighten. On the contrary, the hip and knee joints extend and the ankle joint extends when standing. The importance of squatting is multiple, as it has a vital role to increase the strength and size of the lower body muscles, in addition to developing core strength, tightening the abdominal muscles, lengthening and tightening the thigh muscles, and the strength of the back muscles, and from Its advantages are that it does not need specific equipment in the exercises, but rather depends on the trainee only. The sport of squat has emerged and become famous in recent periods, and it has become a major part of aerobic training for women, men, and beginners as well.

The squat is a physical preparation exercise for carrying important and strong weights and is also considered an essential exercise in many popular recreational exercise programs.

The importance of squatting

Squats are very effective for those who want to tighten the abdominal and butt muscles, as their results are guaranteed if you continue to perform the exercises.

It has an effective role in getting rid of cellulite, as well as the white lines associated with diet and slimming programs.

With continued training, the body appears to be harmonious, straight, and tight without sagging.

Women's squat sport gets rid of sagging thighs once and for all.

Squatting strengthens the heart muscle, increases the trainee's endurance, and regulates the heartbeat.

Exercises help protect the body from osteoporosis, and bone diseases such as rheumatism, and also work on muscle mass density, and muscle flexibility.

It has an effective role in raising calorie-burning rates effectively.

It helps to stimulate blood circulation, increases the efficiency of the lungs, and gives a person a feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction, as a result of exercising.

Tips to follow when doing squats

The body position must be correct and the back tight while performing the exercises so that the trainee does not suffer from muscle tension or muscle tears, or pain in the knees.

It is essential to warm up before any exercise to prepare the body for the challenging specialized exercises.

You should consider performing the exercises slowly in the case of going up and down to avoid injury to the relaxation of the muscles of the legs and thighs.

The difficulty of the exercises must be graduated, and it should not move from one degree of difficulty to another until after the previous exercise is fully mastered.

Determine the number of days and period of exercise each time and avoid reaching a state of exhaustion.

Beginners can do 10 exercises in each training, with a gradual increase, while professionals can start from 50 repetitions and then gradually reach 200 repetitions at the end of the month.

Is squatting suitable for men?

Men accept the sport of squatting for various purposes, some request it to increase the burning of calories, to get tight skinny muscles, and to obtain a slender body. And do not forget, dear follower, that squatting is a major part of physical preparation exercises for multiple sports, including weightlifting.

Squats and weight loss

No weight loss program will succeed, no matter how ingenious it is in achieving the goal, without squatting and aerobic exercises being a major part of it. Women accept it intensely because it achieves this important goal.

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